After a Decade

Published: 2019-12-26 00:00:00

It's more a decade, I would guess, when I last posted a blog entry online. It's probably because of my change of career that time. But, once a blogger, always a blogger. And I'm coming back not just a blogger but also a web developer.

I'm now creating my own CMS(content management system) instead of using WordPress etc. I need to brush up with my coding skills on PHP. But, so far so good.

Since I need time to build the CMS, I'm posting entries old-school style: uploading the HTML. I'll just transfer them later to the database when all is good. For now, I need to start continuously coding. The word is continuously: to keep it a habit.

On with the details. I'm now contemplating on the HTML schema of having two H1 tags. One in the header and one in the article. So, following the famous "google it" philosophy, I searched and came upon this 2013 article. Just browsing down the article made my assumptions clear to use one h1 tag per section. Perfect! Moving on.

Next. Oh yeah. The date. Wait. It's Christmas yesterday? Didn't see that coming. Oh well. I have decided to use millisecond for the file name. I find it more accurate that just plain time and date. Aside from that, I'm also testing the database for future deployment. What else? Ahh. Of course markdown for the documentation.

I think I'm good for now: for today. Limiting my blogging for fifteen minutes makes it efficient. I may have other things to write down like project ideas, work, etc. But I guess that will be for another time. Till then.