Almost New Year and I'm Still Coding

Published: 2019-12-31 12:45:28

I missed to post yesterday because the laptop froze on me and I was not able to save what I wrote. It's something about CDN to use images within the blog. Also, MVC (model, view, controller) for building the CMS I referred to. I forgot the rest.

Moving on... I decided to use MVC. Hence, I will need to learn OOP (object oriented programming) which I find easy to understand except for the syntax. I'll give myself until tomorrow and I'll probably be able to expalin it to a five year old. I already created my first class which I'll be using repetitively. So i can say that I'm on the right path. But I want to go deeper. If I can automate everything, I will.

I was able to do that on the google fonts for the stylesheet. So i'm guessing that I'll be able to do the same with HTML tags. Then I'll probably arrange the folder to an MVC pattern to make it easier to read, debug and probably install.

I'm also thinking of moving now to web development after years of doing personal projects. I feel both anxious and scared since this will be my first time to have it as work. I was able to create a startup before but the feeling is different when you are employed. Or, maybe, it's just a feeling of venturing into something new. Or probably, it's excitement.

Ok. That's 20 minutes.