And There Was Table Corp

Published: 2020-01-04 12:45:02

It's a very productive day today. I made the sign-up and login scripts. And, chose the name Table for the company. Why Table? It's simple and functional. Just a plane with four legs and it supports anything you place on top of it. It's just like how I envision what my own company should be. Everything one can think what a table can do, this Table can.

Ok. Enough bragging.

What I learned when I was building the login library is that one has to build the way how to learn another thing in the future with the patterns one encountering while building: if that makes sense. We have to be aware that we are building, both the present and the future. I may be physically creating at the moment, but I'm also consciously and constantly looking for the pattern on how to build in the future, how to replicate - by learning how to learn in the future: learn big, learn fast. Then we can create big and create fast.

Kinda like machine learning, we have to learn how to learn better and faster, constantly pushing the boundaries and always aiming farther than what we can conceive.