Why have a Website in year 2015?

Why have a website

Why have a website when there’s Facebook? Isn’t that enough? I’ve been getting this objection every time I offer my web services. I found that funny ten years ago. But hearing the same excuse to not create a website for their business is disheartening. Here in Cavite Philippines, most of SMEs(small/medium enterprise) does not have websites. […]

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Crazy Ideas

Ok, I’m still working on my blog and not reading Like I’m supposed to. I’m still having a hard time changing the header with the google font ‘Old Standard TT’ because not only do you have to edit the CSS. You also have to edit the <head> of the HTML file (or PHP). Now I […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog: recent addition to my site after being up for a month. I’ve just installed wordpress and still having a blast with all the knowledge I’m accumulating. With the vastness of all the components I’ve encountered with this framework I would say that this is a great collaboration work. I’m still thinking of […]

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