Crazy Ideas

Ok, I’m still working on my blog and not reading Like I’m supposed to. I’m still having a hard time changing the header with the google font ‘Old Standard TT’ because not only do you have to edit the CSS. You also have to edit the <head> of the HTML file (or PHP). Now I admit I’m lost. But then I had a crazy idea of creating my own PHP (with the google font code of course), taking all the contents and framing it inside the PHP, and viola! (Too much jargon now.)

Speaking of crazy ideas, I remember Steve Jobs quote “Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” So I raise my beer and think “Here’s to the crazy ones. May each of us change the world before we die.”

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    • Hi, Of course there are. There’s Centrora, 6scan Bulletproof, just to name a few. You might want to read up how they work and their reviews so you can decide how to go about the security plugins. Is your work? Good job on that.

    • Thank you, I’m humbled. I’ll try to post an article on a regular basis. But, with the schedule that I have now, please expect it on a not-so-regular frequency. Appreciate the comment, my friend.

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