Forward-Looking Looking Forward

Published: 2020-01-06 12:44:48

Everything seems to be comming in place with building this startup. In a matter of days I was able to learn and build my own class library, test them even. It's like I'm using agile but on my own and building everything in my head. Concepts are flowing like crazy and I'm able to not only grasp them, but also tie everything together and see what's coming up. I wish this could be the way my team will work in the future to advance everything. No pressure.

Speaking of advancing everything, understanding Ruby on Rails, Ajax and JS while knowing PHP and Python opens a lot of doors for me. Like coming up with the idea of having json file hold the html tags so the tags will only be fetched the first time. The next and following requests will just bother the server for the data from the database. Once fetched, the javascript will take care of the arrangement. Ajax will probably be the right framework for that. Probably, the idea is already out there and I jst need to search for it. The best part is I'm able to come up with it in a short span of time. Imagine what other concepts I can think of to develop with other knowledge that I will encounter in the future. I'll discuss developing open source phone OS some other time.

Sadly I still need to get to work even when I no longer feel doing such. It's very daunting and I realy wish I can stop. Then again, there are bills to pay and few more things to consider before jumping over the fence. If I play all my cards right, this should be a walk in the park.

For the time being, learn more, learn fast, and onward to the future.