Google Fonts, Arch Linux, etc.

Published: 2019-12-28 12:33:51

It's been years since I wanted to incorporate Google fonts in a cms. So I did. I had to learn the URL syntax, generate the list and now using .php file as stylesheet to manipulate the variables like fonts and background colors.

These led me to think that the admin dashboard needs to be separated from the content maker. Say, and I would say it's easier to design and manage. Specially now that I'm incorporating MVC (model/view/controller) to how I build softwares.

On a different note: Linux. Just want to brag about my setup. I got Arch, xfce, firefox with duckduckgo, vs code, mousepad and of course, terminal.

Why Arch?

I've started Linux with Ubuntu. I love old things. Hence I normally use old laptops like Dell Inspiron 11 3180. But with the limited processing power, I felt the bloatedness of Ubuntu and switched to Lubuntu. However, I didn't like the feel and decided to upgrade to Xubuntu. Changed my laptop to Acer ES1-432-C79F and installed Xubuntu upon purchase. (I gave my brother the Dell.) I decided to stick with the xfce flavored even if I'm enchanted to use Elementary OS. (Yes, I'm still browsing for distros.) I did another Xubuntu fresh install. This time, I accidentally wiped the Windows partition when doing the formatting. I was never really bothered about it since the last time I used Windows on my own laptop was more than 5 years ago. Followin that, I got bored with Xubuntu and contemplated with Arch. So I checked my logs and it seems I installed it last month November 19, 2019. It was a 5 day install because I had to deal with pacman issues and "No bootable device" error, because the laptop has UEFI. Yeah, go figure. I had fun with the installation and I feel the need to go get another laptop and install Arch again.

In short, I love challenges and changes and Xubuntu didn't challenge me anymore. Hence, I'm giving Arch about two to three years before I give LFS a shot. I have to finish my CMS first. Then the transportation software I'm building. Yeah, I forgot about that. I'll blog about that in later days or months which depends on if I get bored with PHP and decide to go back to Python. Yes. I also use Python. I guess that's about it for now.

I use Arch by the way.