My Own Blogging Software

Published: 2020-04-16 14:05:37

Geany Screenshot

I have created my own blog software and I love it. This blog that you're reading is a proof that it works. It's not that fancy like other blog application like WordPress but it's exactly the way I want it: raw and just functional.

I have the option to install WordPress but I opted not to. It's not that I'm against it or something. I just want to use something that I know inside out. Like how I know that it uses Markdown format, it uses htaccess, all post data that I need are in a database, I can export and build another software out of the format, etc. Hence, it will allow me to grow with it as a developer. That means I can add features if I wish to. Then, I can learn more about building application.

So, this post is my real first entry to this software. The other entries are salvaged from the previous entries that uses HTML. If you look at the dates it should show that those entries were published between December to January. Then, I stopped to build this. I actually slacked around and build it within April. See twitter for proofs.

Since I can say that it's now finished, I need to go back to my job. The one that pays.


I'm learning about Twitter card at the moment, so I can make every blog entry display with the contents and not just the URL. I'm using the 'Summary Card with Large Image' and got stuck on the image. I'm thinking it should copy the image URL from the content to the meta tag on the header. And that's nearly impossible since the function to draw the URL goes before the URL itself shows. I may need to rewrite the code or just add another column in the database for the image link. This means adding another input field in create and modify page. But then I have to create another page for uploading the image. Instead of using FTP client(which I'm doing now for testing). Not to mention adding another code to rewrite the file name upon upload.

Another thing is the description. It should give a summary of the content: probably 50 to 70 characters. Again, either I pull it out from the content and slice the first paragraph or I create another field for that: sort of snippet... which will be easier.

Then I remembered that I saw an article that has a meta within the content itself... which I didn't bother checking.

Fast forward

I created two new columns for description and image. And I would like to have it uploaded here but I'm thinking of how the bandwidth will suffer. The practical me talking now. So I'm thinking I can upload it to twitter, like housing it. Then just posting the code here in the body. Let me check how, then I'll update.

note: I wish there's a way for markdown to add a simple timestamp command.

Testing Summary Card with Large Image. #blog #webdev #twittercard

— terrylan™ (@terrylan) April 16, 2020


Screenshots below. Tested in in Firefox Arch Linux and Android. And also in Opera browser installed in Arch Linux.

Tweet Embed Screenshot from Android Firefox

Tweet Embed Screenshot from Arch Linux Firefox

Tweet Embed Screenshot from Arch Linux Opera

I checked Twitter Developers Forum to no avail. Also tested locally with FF in Linux and it rendered OK. So, I need to do some research. It's probably something in the server. For now, I'll leave it as it is and will check later.

This entry is long enough. Until the next post.