Work From Home in the Time of Pandemic

Published: 2020-07-14 03:22:22


It is funny how people has to discuss if work from home is here to stay. Little do they know, anyone can work from actually anywhere. I'm a rebel by heart so I, whenever I can, work from a coffee shop, out of town or even take meetings while driving.

Was I caught?

No, I was not. But now that there's a possibility of them reading this, I'm sure I am (HR people trying to recruit me: now you know). But does that really matter? - even before the pandemic. My hierarchy of office importance has the goal of work at the top. If I need to finish a task within the day, it doesn't matter where or when I work. As long as it's finished and within the day. Within the day means before the working calendar date changes. So that's before the clock strikes twelve.

But What Really is the Problem?

Acceptance. Traditional thinking employees cannot accept the idea of work from home, or at least has reservations. This thinking is what makes Google or Facebook standout from other companies. The the more innovative employees a company has, the more likely the company can advance on any and every aspect. If your company has one innovative mind out of a hundred, even if that person is the CEO, chances are that the company will stick to working in the office.

Now That There's CoViD-19

We may not find luck in having this pandemic but we are lucky to have a chance to think outside the box. If your company hasn't tried anything new, this disease is giving you the opportunity to try. And trying something new leads to change. I doubt that there's a change for the worse given the situation that we're in. If you an individual that got laid off, there's LinkedIn or any job posting site for that matter. The point is to try something new.

Easy For You To Say

That may be true. But it's only true because I got an early start. If I hadn't given up on my web design startup way back 2005, I think you will find me credible enough. It was a bad call to take on a regular job. Nevertheless, there was a lot to learn along the way and I started trying again. I try to break the rules every now and then. I was even told that I never want to be ruled. But that's because I want to move forward. I want to challenge the status quo. I want to innovate. I want to change things. I want to change. I want change.

Work from home may not be for all. But there are people who needs it. People who wants constant change.