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Legals, Privacy, Terms of Use, Etc

Last update: May 23, 2015

Terms of Use

Welcome to Terrylan.com and thank you for visiting. All contents and codes are handcrafted by Terrylan in his room in Bacoor, Cavite. All media used in this website is owned by Terrylan and should not be used outside of this website unless permission to do so was given. Should any picture not owned by Terrylan show up in this website, please be notified that Terrylan doesn't claim ownership of the said media and that there should be credits indicated around the media.

One may navigate through the site as he or she pleases.

Privacy Policy

This website doesn't collect information, whatsoever. Not yet, at least. Visitors shall be notified should the owner of the website decide to collect any information in the future. (If you are be skeptical about it, feel free to contact me. I can show you my source code and explain it to you.)

Comments placed on blog posts shall be reviewed by the owner of the website. If the comment is found offensive it shall be deleted without prior notice. If explanation is needed by the creator of the comment, please send a request to the owner of the website.